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Cantanda Michèle is a musician from Switzerland.

Her music contains elements of Reggae and Soul as well as Funk and

Hip Hop.

„Basically I consider myself a singer and songwriter of spiritual music. Very inspired by Afro- American music, I love the liveliness, the rhythm, the spice, the spirit! 

And heart beats for it!"


With her soulful voice and profound lyrics, accompanied by her Ukulele tunes, she arranges her songs with various musicians in the studio and on stage.

"When I arrange my songs in different band constellations, the pieces always sound a bit different and like this they stay alive."

Cantanda Michèle spends much time in nature. It frees her thoughts and inspires her for new songs.

„I like if the music keeps a natural taste.

To produce Peace Shall Come, we recorded almost only real musical instruments. Only very few elements were inserted electronically."


Growing up under humble circumstances and a difficult family situation, she had to witness violence, injustice and oppression at an early age.

Her songs tell not only about love and joy of life, but also about the grievances of our society, about pain and its healing.

Like in her song "Peace Shall Come", the title song of her first EP, which is about domestic violence and how important it is to maintain peace within oneself, in the family, in the neighborhood, in the community, and ultimately as one big family on earth.

„I have had to struggle a lot in my life, but this has only motivated me even more to stand up for peace, justice and love!

As an artist I see it as a big responsibility to stand up for these values! 

It is up to us to create a healthy and peaceful world for our future generations!"

Besides being a musician, Cantanda Michèle is also mother, gardener and peacekeeper.

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